So I'm obviously a Star Wars nerd, so there shouldn't be any surprise that I wanted to make this costume. Back when Episode III first came out, I made a Jedi outfit to wear to the opening show. It wasn't all that good by my standards today (in fact, it went under almost as many  remakes as there as Special Editions :D). I wanted to make a high quality version and this version seemed all to appropriate. Plus I already mostly had the hair for it.

I used the 501st Legion's guidelines to make this costume so that I could ensure that it was as accurate as possible. Very good resource!

I had actually made his belt as my first leatherworking project, before I did all the work on Hawke. The costume sort of sat in pieces in my craft room's closet for awhile until I decided that I wanted it finished. It has also started a new trend at conventions: Star Wars Sundays! It's pretty much the perfect costume to wear on the last day of a con when you're on fumes and tired and sore.

This costume was accepted into the 501st Legion (member SL-53827) in 2018 and I'm happy to have been able to start earning more money for various charities with this group.

If anyone ever wants to bring me a jar or a ziploc bag of sand, you can watch a freak out too!

Anakin Skywalker
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith version

I dyed then water formed the spats and stitched the straps into them. This way I can still use the boots on their own for something else to! I'll add snaps to each of the straps to secure them and then they shall be all done!