Final Fantasy X

Auron was my first "real" cosplay that a group of friends and I made because we wanted to dress up for a convention... and look what that all led to.

At the time I knew nothing about thermoplastics and I actually learned by watching some YouTube video tutorial that wasn't even in English (man, we are all super lucky now!). I could barely sew and ended up hand sewing pretty much everything before being shown how to actually use a machine (and then I went over my hand stitches to, you know, make them good and strong).


I wanted to do this costume because Final Fantasy X was one of my favourite in the series (I do love me some 9 though...). I'm not sure exactly what drew me to this character but I love the costume and I love that I can still pull it out and wear it, even 5 years after I made it. I definitely do enjoy the "real estate" that he takes up and the presence that he has on a convention floor.

Trust me, I won't be retiring this costume any time soon. It's forever going to be the one that got me into cosplaying!


Painting the sword and the design.