Pokémon Sun & Moon

The costume itself was a pretty simple build. The hoodie and pants were purchased then altered. Everything else was a pretty simple build. I actually really love how casual this costume is; it's comfortable to wear and every time I've worn it to a convention I've met other Team Skull Grunts and had a blast hanging out, taking photos, and just generally being ridiculous.

Plus I look so so different with thick eyebrows :)


Team Skull Shenanigans

I can still remember playing my old school Pokémon Blue at the stairway to the band room in Jr High, link cable and all. I've always loved the Pokémon series and had wanted to do a cosplay from it but could never find a character and costume that I really felt drawn towards, until Team Skull hit the scene.

I loved how Guzma was basically an older guy that bossed around a bunch of wannabe gangster teenagers. Considering that in my job I teach  bottle-flipping teenagers, this seemed like a perfect match!


Of course there would be a bunch of triangles in this costume........ Cutting out a template for the fabric down the arms.