The thing that I wanted more than anything on this costume was to make it durable. While I had made wonderflex armour before with Ganondorf, usually after a full day at a convention I would have to do some repairing. I didn't want to do this with Hawke so I made a conscious effort to ensure that I wouldn't have to do this with this costume. This meant that I spent a LOT more time on the armour; doubling up on the seams, using Chicago screws, and leather. I also played around with real fur for the belt (not for the pelt on the back) and boy did I learn how tricky that was to work with.

I competed in my first ever Master's cosplay competition with this guy and ended up winning!! It's weirdly still not the easiest thing to believe quite frankly. I also learned a lot about myself and cosplay as a hobby thanks to this costume!


Hawke Cosplay Explained

Dragon Age is such an awesome game... it brought me back to the good Baldur's Gate days. So when I moved to Edmonton, where the game itself was made, I pretty much had to get on this costume. I had actually planned on - and bought - some of the materials for this costume years ago but I ended up trashing a lot of that, the most notable of which was some fake leather.

This costume was my first one that used leather. I already had my hand held and was taught what to do when making a belt for Anakin, but this was the first time that I really used it as a focal point of a cosplay. 

Hawke - Mantle of the Champion Armour
Dragon Age
Hawke Templates

Step 1 in making the Hawke cosplay: Make templates for the shoulder armour out of cardstock. Step 2: Cry