The Last of Us

While I may not be the biggest fan of shooter games, or zombie survival horror games, The Last of Us is still one of my favourite games ever and I would call it a masterpiece. The story and the characters are pretty much perfect. I had wanted to do a Joel cosplay for a long long time but never felt like I had the skill to make my face look enough like him. Thankfully, after playing around and learning, I finally got to the point where I felt I could do the character justice, and boy am I glad because doing Joel meant I got to make some sweet looking weapons... plus having a backpack at a convention is a very nice bonus too :)


The costume itself was fairly simple to make, but it was a great chance to try out and learn a bunch of new weathering methods. In fact, I actually drove my car over my backpack a few times (believe it or not, the backpack was brand new haha). I went over to a Cabela's in order to see and hold and measure a real bolt action rifle so that I could make it. I made a bow that can actually (technically) fire an arrow by bending wood with water. My upgraded pipe is some of the simplest yet best looking props that I feel I've made, and the flamethrower makes me feel beyond badass! 

Clothing Weathering

Seriously, this entire costume was an exercise in making something look old and torn up. Adding paint, fake blood, using sand paper, it was great!