I used to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game all the time as a teenager and I always loved the Kaiba character in the anime. I actually asked my dad if he had an extra briefcase that I could use to carry my cards and decks around with me so that I could act more like him. I still have that briefcase and finally spray painted it silver when I made this costume.

Annoyingly enough, I had to wait to make this costume until I had a Duel Disk. Yes I probably could have made something similar but man I wanted that toy. Seriously though, how cool were the toys when I was a kid? I found one on Kijiji for a stupidly good price and snagged it up!

The costume was fairly simple. I knew that I had to make the jacket as the main focus so I made sure that it was the right material, weight, and length; I wanted my big flowy jacket dammit! The jacket ended up being about 9-10 meters of fabric and then that much lining as well. In a fun twist and throwback, the lining was basically the same material and colour as the lining for Ganondorf's cape. I had to experiment with the jacket a few times and man those stupid anime shoulders were a pain to do and I messed them up quite a few times while making it.

I altered his more metallic bracers because I wanted to do a bit more leatherwork. I ended up really loving the bracers and I really want to make another pair that have a more brownish leather look. All the other belts are leather as well and the shirt and pants are just a normal set of clothes that I have. Yes I didn't make them... it's fine not to make everything from scratch!

I printed off a full set of cards using the anime style instead of using the regular game cards and yes, it contains all the cards that he used in the Battle City Tournament.

Seto Kaiba
Starting the mock up

Always use bargain bin cheap fabric to figure out how I'm actually going to make the thing.