Getting Into Character for a Photoshoot

Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef

Ok, so, this costume started off as just a random joke one to wear but has somehow quickly become one of the cosplays I'm most known for and one of the cosplays that people most request that I wear. More than any other costume I have, Chef Ramsay definitely encapsulates the "play" part of cosplay. Even when I'm trying to look all angry in character, I can't help but have the biggest and stupidest smile on my face and I love being able to interact with everyone (as well as getting some strange double takes from random drivers or "normal" people at restaurants :D).

I love how people will come up to me at conventions and ask me to roast them too! It always gets a great laugh and hugs afterwards!

The costume was fairly simple. The chef's jacket is just a cheap white denim, but I do one day want to upgrade the buttons to be a bit more accurate. The main aspect of this costume has to be the wig and the washboard forehead, which is just made from layer after layer of collodion and a bunch of make up (maybe I should do a tutorial video one day...).

The rest of the costume is mostly props: an apron, a chef's knife, a honing steel, the trademark pencil in the ear, and often two pieces of bread to make people into idiot sandwiches.

I also have started doing the Masterchef version of Chef Ramsay as well. Pretty much the same thing, but just with the sportscoat and dress shirt instead of the chef's jacket.


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